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Average Rate for Wedding Photographer

Why do people not value wedding photographers? No

one thinks of a wedding photographer until they need one?

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 7 years, and it has

always been a struggle to get clients to value photography

as much as the other vendors of their wedding day.

Why do people not value their wedding photographer

the way they should? This is a question that’s been plaguing

me for years now. I know it’s not just me, either—a quick

Google search reveals countless articles bemoaning the

fact that couples are nickel and dime their photographers

without giving any thought to how important an investment

this really is The answer, in my opinion, is two-fold.

First, the wedding industry has done a piss-poor job of

educating couples about what makes a good wedding

photographer—and how that affects their pricing structure.

Second, we as photographers have failed to stand up for

ourselves and demand more from our clients.

I think the answer lies in a combination of factors, but at

the core of it all is the fact that most people don’t realize

how much work goes into being a photographer. As a

wedding photographer I constantly work under

pressure and making quick decisions about lighting and

composition. I’m not saying this to get pity from anyone,

but rather to make my point that being a wedding

photographer is not an easy job. It requires many hours of

hard work and dedication. I edit the wedding photos for a

week after the wedding. By the time we give the photos to the

couple. The wow factor died down but we need to be

compensated accordingly. If you want to see a great photographer team? Look at:

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